How do I wear that trend…pastels

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So Easter is coming up and those of you who celebrate may be planning to don your prettiest pastel outfit for Easter Sunday but pastels don’t have to be reserved just for Easter. Pastels were all over the runways for the spring and they are a great way to feel summer-y. The unfortunate thing about pastels is that if not done right, they can easily move from chic to costume-y. I also want to suggest some ways to incorporate the pastel trend that goes beyond just wearing a pastel colored shirt.

1. Shoes! Yes I know I’m always talking about shoes but they are truly a great way to experiment with trends without feeling overwhelmed by it. You don’t even have to get super fancy shoes. You can rock a pair of pastel colored pumps with a pair of dark jeans and a white, black or gray t-shirt and be fly.

2. Accessories, most specifically hair accessories. You can wear pastel hair accessories and look very girlie and cute and on trend. You can do headbands, hair ties or even pastel flowers. I would suggest visiting stores like Target, Wal-Mart and Dots to browse their hair accessory section for a great pastel piece. Wear it like a pop of color and match it with clothes in a similar color group. For example, if you’re wearing orange, go for an orange pastel hair accessory. If you’re wearing red or blue, go for a pastel pink or pastel blue.

3. Pants! One of the hottest trends is colored jeans. You can do pastel as well as bright colors. If you’re more daring and ok with diving into trends, look for a pastel pair of jeans or pants and wear those with either a neutral top (brown, black, tan or gray) or take it a step further and do the colorblocking trend. Check out the last post How do I wear that trend…colorblocking for great tips and use your pastel piece as the base.

These are just a few ways you can do the pastel trend and look great and not at all like you’re going to an Easter program (unless you are of course!). If you try this trend, let me know. Send a picture of yourself rocking the pastel trend to info [at] cluelessfashionista [dot] com and I’ll do a follow-up post featuring your pictures.

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How do I wear that trend…colorblocking

Mar 23, 2012 by

One cool trend that was all over the Spring runways is colorblocking. It looks great on anyone because it’s as simple as combining two colors in a very deliberate but stylish way. However, it can easily go wrong so I wanted to reach out to an expert to get some tips for you. I had an opportunity to chat with Amber D., Fashion’s Bandaid, and she gave some great tips on how we can do colorblocking without breaking the bank or looking like we’re wearing a costume.

One of the latest trends this season is color blocking. We’ve seen it everywhere and worn in so many different ways.

Here’s a few simple ways to try this trend and look like a style aficionado!

Start by choosing your color palate and the area you like to play up most. I chose nudes, bolds/neons and pastels; all colors that are very big for Spring/Summer.

1.  Nudes are simple, sweet and sophisticated as well as this Spring’s alternative to white. Take a basic shift dress. It can be the foundation for your look. It’s best to keep your foundation simple so you can go big in another area

2.  Bolds/Neons are fun, funky and scream look at me! If you love and live in black, try navy for Spring. Take your favorite type of top: tank, crew, over-sized, boat neck or even a button down and you have your start. Neons are all the rage right now especially in denim skinnies! Pair your top with a pair of denim skinny jeans (if I am wearing skinnies, I go for an over-sized tee), chino shorts or maxi skirt. Add a ballet flat or sandals and a belt and you have achieved a bright/bold look that will keep eyes on you.

3.  Pastels can be tricky but if done the right way you can give boho chic instead of Easter peep. Peach, mint and sorbet all sound like delightful eats, but they really were the sweetest treats on the runways for the Spring. When wearing pastel colors, never be afraid to play up your pretty, girly, earthy side. Wear a light, airy dress (I like the maxi) or even a skirt. Play with layers (go on and be daring *giggles*). It’s okay to try light layers (lacy tank, light weight tee or crochet vest/cardigan) for this color grouping. Add a few bracelets, a scarf and a pair of your favorite sandals to complete this boho look that will keep you mellow all day.

With any look you may try there’s no right or wrong as long as you wear the fit best for your body and put on the most important piece of your look…your confidence! The rules are simple, color blocking is easy just go for it and have fun.

Just don’t over think it because when you over think it you over do it.

Make sure you follow Amber on twitter Amber_so_Quirky and thank her for these wonderful tips!

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How do I wear that trend…white with neutrals

Apr 16, 2011 by

For the record, I am not a fan of wearing all white. It’s largely because I can never seem to keep my white clothes clean when I’m wearing them. I always find a way to drop something on me or rub up against something that leaves my crisp, white piece of clothing dirty. So I became anti-white clothes. I rarely wear white shirts and don’t own any white pants. I have one white denim skirt that I’ve had for several years and have worn it maybe three times.

It’s a problem, I know.

However, a great looking white outfit can really make you pop in the summer. For some reason, a crisp, white outfit can really make your skin glow even if you haven’t had a chance to visit the beach. So I invite all of you to try out this wonderful trend of wearing white with neutrals. It’s a great way to turn a neutral into a pop of color and break up the white some. I like it and I think I’m going to give it a try this summer.

You can also make this trend work for you. If you aren’t comfortable wearing all white, you can wear a lot of white with a neutral or pastel piece. For example, wear a white t-shirt with khaki shorts and cute white sandals. Your accessories can be white as well. This way you still have the effect of wearing white but the khaki shorts tones it down some.

I would love to see your white and neutral outfits. Please don’t hesitate to share pictures. You can send them to info {at} cluelessfashionista {dot} com.

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